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We realize software projects on a national scale.

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We contribute to the e-transformation process of Turkey with open source code technology, and we build on software development projects on a national scale.

OdakGIS was established in 2009 by an experienced team that has worked on software development and geographic information systems with ongoing technologies since the early 1990s, has signed many real automation systems that are known and used in real life. The team has helped train hundreds of human resources in the cartography and GIS domain. It has implemented many e-transformation software working on a national scale and continues its services at high speed. Company positioned in the first period in the field of open source software development, which is the most important strategic vision of our Turkey in the e-transformation process. Continues to work at the forefront on the open source development area. With the policy of constantly training a new generation of informatics specialists, it instills a culture of informatics with a total quality understanding and provides engineering training in the fields of software development.
OdakGIS is a complete engineering company that prioritizes engineering concerns, down to its management and business systematics, team spirit and humble stance.
OdakGIS keeps alive the excitemnt of transfering own company experiances to the younger generations. Company has a justified pride of having overcome the so difficult and sofisticated e-transformation projects, bringing these projects to life on a national scale.

Software Analyse

We use contemporary technologies and best practices to provide the best software analysis services to our customers. Expert team is focused on understanding requirements' and meet project projection. Our analyzes evaluate the timeliness, reliability, performance and usability of systems. As a result, we provide our customers with analysis documents that include detailed and improved processes, adding to our customer's vision in order to develop efficient, reliable and useful software systems

Software Design

Company has long standing software design experiances. By keeping the user experience at the highest level, we offer our customers efficient, reliable and high aesthetic value software designs. We focus on meeting our customers' expectations by using up-to-date technologies and best practices. Our design process takes into account the needs and projections of our customers at the highest level. In conclusion we prepare design documents supported by html simulations, where they can see the whole process and the flow of the screens before we our another development team start coding.

Software Development

We analyze the requiremens strictly and converting the classic manuel operational business to the IT procesess. Ensuring the systems and applications it needs and the most up-to-date technologies are used. We develop software with open source code in accordance with international standards. Implementing industrial software development processes at the CMMI3 level. Carrying out all software processes, from business analysis to installation and operational support, in accordance by the mean of Kaizen approach.

Project Management

We provide project management services and carry out the projects we are involved in according to PMI principles. We meticulously apply the principles of planning projects, communication management, risk management and quality management. Prepare final reports during the closing stages of projects. Ensuring the project progresses in a well balanced way by ensuring that our stakeholders have detailed information and progress within the project. We offer our project management approach to our customers who want to receive expert service from us.