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He is a graduate of ITU Mapping Engineering. Experienced in software automation installations related to GIS over 25 years. He dominates “ISO-OGC” and Inspire Standards. He is experienced in data, business analysis, stakeholder and supply management issues. He is the project manager for Takbis, the Agricultural Information System and similar e-Government projects.



She is a graduate of METU Computer Engineering. More than 20 years experience in MIS Software Development, Testing and Quality processes. She is responsible for the planning, management and follow-up of projects, customer needs determination, software requirements creation, prototyping, verification and validation of developed software in accordance with ISO 9001 standard, CMMI, PMP and IIBA methodologies. Project and Quality Manager, Business Analyst.


She is a graduate of Map Engineering from Selçuk University. Expert in geographic mapping / data generation and analysis, digitization and database creation. She has more than 7 years experience in projects such as Geographical Information Systems, Urban Information Systems, numbering, geographical analysis, production of digital maps, seismic hazard and risk estimation, risk reduction, disaster and risk management system.



Graduate of Hacettepe University Computer and Mathematics Teacher Education. He has experience in coordination of external projects financed by the European Union for more than 15 years, budget management, financial reporting, automation setup, training needs analysis and organization of educational activities, data collection and data management. He speaks fluent English and German, and intermediate Spanish.


Graduate of METU City Regional Planning. Experienced in numbering, navigation, city maps, zoning plans, transportation planning. Specialized in Project Management, GIS Setup, geographic data management and cartographic displays.



Hacettepe – Mining Engineering and METU – GGIT Master’s degree. Expert in GIS Project Management. Knowledgeable about Spatial Data Infrastructure, INSPIRE, GIS Standards. More than 20 years of experience in project coordination, pre-sales and project planning and management.


Kırıkkale Computer Programming student. OpenSource is specialized in application, Linux and Windows operating systems, hardware, network and disaster recovery. Have knowledge about C #, MVC, Journey, Hybrid Mobile Application development.


He is the Database Manager. He is the Operation and Maintenance Expert of Geographical and Verbal Databases. Expert in MS-SQL Server, Postgre SQL. Experienced in Data Reporting, Performance Tunning and Data Transformations.


Student at Hacettepe University Computer Engineering Department. Have knowledge about C, C #, Java, MVC, MSSql, JavaScript.



Software Development and System Design Specialist; 22 years experienced in software development. .net technologies, Geoserver, Open Layers, Remote sensing software development, PostGIS, Oracle Spatial. Dominate open source software development environments.



Computer engineer. More than 10 years experienced in software projects analysis, design, software development, testing, dissemination, maintenance and maintenance processes. Specialized in Web, Desktop and Embedded software. Active software development and team leadership are experienced in e-transformation projects that involve many high number of users. Master the open source technology.


Cihat Şahin

Graduated from Erciyes University Computer Engineering. Software development specialist c #, .Net MVC, php languages. He has team leader experience in ERP projects.


Hümeyra ÜNAL

Computer engineer. Experienced in C, C ++, C #, Java. Experienced in MVC, Javascript, Openlayers software development. Software development specialist in e-transformation projects



Software developing expert. Knowledgeable about C #, C ++, MVC, .Net, AngularJs, Node Js, Bootstrap 4, jQuery languages. Experienced webbase software developer in e-transformation projects

Eda Merve ÖZTÜRK

She is a graduate of Hacettepe University, French Language and Literature. Sales, marketing and customer relations are experienced in process management and real estate management related software products promotion and requirements management.


He has more than 15 years experience in IT and Software Technologies. He has experience in Managerial and Sales Management and has experience in corporate relations process management.



Graduated from Ankara University, Faculty of Agriculture. Experienced in GIS expertise and training for more than 5 years. Geographic Information Systems, digitization, data generation, data quality control, application testing and user support specialist. Experienced in XML and GML coding. Competent in data conversion operations. Project support of GIS software projects, system analysis, analysis, creation of user and test scenarios, software development and improvement. He is experienced in planning, managing and monitoring projects, determining customer needs, creating software requirements. General Directorate of Agricultural Reform is experienced in team leadership in GIS projects. Experienced about database queries and processes.

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She graduated from Ankara University, Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Farm Structures and Irrigation. Experienced in Digitization, Data Generation, Data Quality Control, Geographic Information Systems. She is experienced in project support, analysis, user and screen designs, software development issues of web-based GIS software projects. Experienced in planning, managing and monitoring of projects, determining customer needs, developing software requirements.


Emine Aleyna GÜNER

Topographical engineer. He worked on Digital Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing Technologies. Experienced in point cloud operations, classification processes, digital vector map, DEM, DSM, DTM production, software operation support, test operations and geographic database management


Graduate of ITU Geomatics Engineering. Expert in GIS and archive preliminary analysis, determination of analysis and production methods, creating data, coordinating project field organizations, pre-sales activities of software projects, project promotions, creating sales channels.


She graduated from Ankara University, Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Farm Structures and Irrigation. Agricultural Engineer. Geographic Information Systems, digitization, data generation, data quality control, data analysis experienced. Have control over the use of GIS and CAD-based software. Experienced in team leadership and team management.


She is a graduate of the Department of Landscape and Ornamental Diseases of the University of Ankara. She continues her education in Anadolu University Economics and Labor Economics and Industrial Relations department. She is experienced in Geographical Information Systems, Digitization, Data Production, Data Quality Control, Data Analysis, Application Test and User Support.

Şenay Toksöz

A graduate of Ankara University, he has more than 25 years of experience in financial management, administrative financial affairs and corporate firm management. Specialist in risk, assessment, investment planning.



Agricultural engineer. Operations support specialist in e-government projects. He is experienced in geographic information systems, data production, data quality control, software testing processes, solutions of user problems.



Graduated from Gazi University City and Regional Planning. More than 7 years of experience in zoning planning, project management, GIS, expert in Geographic Information Systems, data production, data quality control, data analysis, digitization, zoning planning.



More than 15 years of experience in Administrative Affairs, financial management, financial affairs and corporate affairs. Specialist in risk, assessment, investment planning.