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Graduated from METU (Middle East Technical University) Computer Engineering Department,  she has more than 25 years experience in MIS Software Development, Testing and Quality processes. She is responsible for the planning, management and follow-up of projects, customer needs determination, software requirements creation, prototyping, verification and validation of developed software in accordance with ISO 9001 standard, CMMI, PMP and IIBA methodologies. Project and Quality Manager, Business Analyst.


Experienced in business development, sales channel management, project management and geographic information systems setup. Expert in software analysis and design.


Project Manager of e-transformations project in Turkey. She has great experience about software automation project management and also expert in geographic mapping / data generation and analysis, digitization and database creation. She has more than 10 years experience in information technologies.

Eda Merve ÖZTÜRK

Hacettepe University Graduate. Sales Channel Manager. Specialist in customer relationship management, technical management of pre-sales activities. Se speaks fluent french and good english. She has great ability of customer management.


Database Administrator. He has 20 year experiance about Ms Sql Server, PostgreSql. Databases operations includes data mining, core dba activities and maintenance issues are his professional area. Also experienced in Data Reporting, performance tune and data transformations.

Emine Aleyna GÜNER

GIS engineer focused on presales activities and expert in business process analysis and software design, has experience about managing large corporate geographical databases. Has worked about digital photogrammetry and remote sensing technologies as well as point cloud operations, classification processes, digital vector map, DEM, DSM, DTM, NDE production.



Hacettepe Computer Engineering graduate. Angular, C / C ++, C #, Entity Framework, GIS, Java, JavaScript, MVC, MSSQL, PostgreSQL, React Native, Open Layers, TypeScript. Software development specialist in E transformation projects.

Hümeyra ÜNAL

Computer Engineer. C, C ++, C #, Java experienced. MVC, Java Script, Open Layers software development experience. Software development specialist in e-transformation projects



Graduated from Hacettepe University. Software development expert. Knowledgable about JavaScript, MVC, MSSQL, PostgreSQL, Open Layers, TypeScript. Software development specialist in e-transformation projects 

Metehan BİÇER

Graduate Of Web Design. Knowledge of C#, Javascript, Angular7, MS-SQL, software languages. Software development specialist in e-transformation projects.


Harun AKAY

Computer Engineer C #, MVC, Java Script, Angular7 language. Software development specialist in E-transformation projects.


Having ITU Map engineering graduates. Expert in GIS and archive pre-analysis, determination of analysis and production methods, data creation, coordinating project field organizations, pre-sales activities of software projects, project presentations, creating sales channels.


Information and Software Technology experienced in relevant industry for over 15 years in project sales. Experienced in creating sales channels and localization and pre-sales activities.

                                    Arda ÇETİNKAYA

Agricultural Engineer. Experienced in GIS expertise and trainer for more than 8 years. Digitization, data generation, data quality control, application testing and user support specialist. Experienced in XML, GML coding. Proficient in data conversion processes. He conducts system analysis, analysis, creation of user and test scenarios, and project assistantships.


Graduate of Ankara University, she has more than 5 years of experience in address management automation, land management, geographic information systems, data generation, data quality control, software test scenarios and operational support.

Burak ONUR

PhD in Ankara University, Agricultural Engineering Department. Experienced in Geographic Information Systems, digitization, data generation, data quality control, data analysis. Experienced in GIS and CAD programs.



Topographical Engineer, experienced in geographic information systems with expertise  in business analysis, project management support and reporting in open source GIS based IT projects.


Graduated from Ankara University Agriculture Engineering Department, he has experinece in Geographic Information Systems, digitization, data generation, data quality control, data analysis. Also experienced in GIS and CAD programs.


Göktuğ ELÇİN

Graduated from Afyon Kocatepe University Business Administration Department. Experienced in Administrative Affairs, Finance management, Accounting and Human Resources departments. Expert in risk, evaluation, investment planning.


Service office operations specialist, expert in document sorting, detection scanning, coordinating and indexing, experienced in data digitization in geographic information systems projects.