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Software Development Services

OdakGIS follows general international standards in its software development processes. Instead of seeing software simply as a product made by using programming languages, we define it as a solution shaped by the needs of our customers.

Starting with the identification of customer needs, this solution is a continuous service in line with the changing needs of the customer.

OdakGIS follows simple steps in software development process and documents the steps of its services. The first stage of software development is work definition and planning.

OdakGIS plans the work to be done by the software in line with the customer’s needs. Another stage during the Software Development Process is designing and coding the convenient solution once the expectations of the customer are understood and the planning is complete.

During this entire stage, OdakGIS test if the product meets the expectations of the customer and keeps its customers updated about the progress.

During the Software Development Process, maintenance and support are what keeps the software alive. OdakGIS updates its softwares during the usage process in cases of differentiation of customer’s needs, changes in the way a work is done, hardware upgrade etc. and provides support/training to its users for the entire Software Development Process.

This approach in the Software Development process, assists OdakGIS customers to reach the most desired and convenient solution. OdakGIS shares with its customers the explanations and the alternatives of the solutions and platforms it proposes.