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Service Bureau and Geographical Archive Setup Services

OdakGIS applies its experience gained from large scale software and data production projects into digital archive creation and data management projects.

Easily accessible digital archives are created by document scanning, physical archive arrangement, digitisation of archive data and its integration with other systems.

In digital archive creation processes, OdakGIS applies the software infrastructure of its own development, that has been applied in many projects. It continuously develops the softwares which matured through projects and applies them in new projects.

OdakGIS employee structure consists of human resources with years of experience in digital archive systems.

It can work on A4-A3 documents along with all archive data with geographical data basis, such as maps, construction plans, projects etc. By this means, the geographical database can be used integrated with A4-A3 documents and geographical map plan archive and correspondence document archives are brought together in a single system.

In physical archive arrangement works, the arrangement of documents in the old archive structure is carried out. Prior to scanning, the ordering of old documents, the correction of edge defects and the repairing of torn and worn documents take place.

Following the scanning of documents in professional archive scanners, the data is transferred to the database and can be recalled from the query screen from data entry operations.

Data entries of digital marking areas are done for scanned documents, in order to satisfy the criteria of queries, according to the needs of the projects.

While the physical archive is transferred to digital media, the archive is numbered again and folder arrangement is renewed.