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Satellite and Orthophoto Image Processing Services

The processing of OdakGIS satellite images also provides the following services to the customers.

Image Format Conversion

Satellites and aerial photographs served in digital media can be obtained from a variety of sensor types and can be in different formats. GIS and / or CAD software you use while performing these projects may or may not be able to efficiently evaluate this data.

OdakGIS transforms this data in its native format depending on the requirements of the appropriate formatting job you can work with.


Yüksek Çözünürlüklü Pan Uydu Görüntüsü Yüksek Çözünürlüklü Pan Uydu Görüntüsü

Şekil 1 Yüksek Çözünürlüklü Pan Uydu Görüntüsü

Düşük Çözünürlüklü Multispektral Uydu Görüntüsü Düşük Çözünürlüklü Multispektral Uydu Görüntüsü

Şekil 2 Düşük Çözünürlüklü Multispektral Uydu Görüntüsü

OdakGIS provides the service of data fusion method which enables to increase the resolution by using low resolution color bands (Multispectral), High resolution pan band (B & W) in satellite images obtained from different satellite and sensor types.

Pansharpening Görüntüsü Pansharpening Görüntüsü

Şekil 3 Pansharpening Görüntüsü


Data sizes of high resolution satellite images and aerial photographs are reaching to the order of GB and / or when the images are mosaicked, the data size reaches a size that can not be easily opened by many software. Image compression is therefore an application that brings great convenience to the operation of the user. OdakGIS can serve high-resolution and full-size data on-demand as a compressed map for use in a desktop environment or as map services on the Web.

Ortorektifikasyon / rektifikasyon

The geometric distortions of satellite images can come into play depending on many things. The precision of the geometric correction depends on the numerical height data and the ground control points (GCPs). In order to increase the spatial accuracy of the satellite images, the topographic data are processed together and the geometrical corrections of these images are done by OdakGIS systematically and quickly according to the system specifications and specifications.

Geometrik Düzeltmeleri Tamamlanmış Ortorektifiye Sonuç Ürünü

Şekil 4 Geometrik Düzeltmeleri Tamamlanmış Ortorektifiye Sonuç Ürünü

Geometrik Düzeltmeleri Tamamlanmış Ortorektifiye Sonuç Ürünü

SYM (Digital Elevation Model) Production from Stereo Satellite Images

Digital elevation models are produced by OdakGIS from satellite images obtained from various satellites and sensors with the ability to obtain stereo (three dimensional) images and associated metadata.


Consisting of multiple digital satellite images or aerial photographs that are orthorectified, the mosaic integration service is provided by taking into account the shifts in color and saturation, geographical and spatial details (roads, buildings, etc.).

Image Processing Quality

Comparison of SPOT satellite image with position accuracy accuracy by orthorectification studies with high resolution Orthophoto image (1: 5000 scale). The image that comes up in the video stream is the SPOT image.

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