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GeoServer Training

Essential Map Knowledge
  • Summarised information on Geographical Information Systems, geodesic definitions about basemaps, coordinate systems, map projections and datums.
General Information
  • General information on GeoServer History, OGC Standards, WMS WFS services, Raster Vector data, Tile, Style libraries, Software Infrastructure, Developers, Versions, Supported Platforms.
Setup Operations
  • Determination of the right environment (Linux, Windows), download of the side applications to work with the application (Java, Jetty etc.), Application configuration.
Creating New Workspace
  • Workspace, Data structure, Storage creation operations.
Publishing the Vector Data
  • Publishing operations of the geometric data within the database in WMS and WFS standards.
Publishing the Raster Data
  • Publishing operations of the prepared satellite images and basemaps in WMS and WFS standards.
Proxy Layer Operations
  • Publishing operations of the wms and wfs layers retrieved from other services in your own server.
Layer Creation
  • Publishing of geometric data within the database as separate layers on the map.
Creating Layer Groups
  • The operation of displaying multiple layers together as a single layer
Preparation of Style Libraries (SLD)
  • The operation of preparing the styles of layers to be displayed on the map.
Free Personal Web Map Creation with Cloud
  • Web publication operations of maps that are prepared on a local computer with GeoServer