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Desktop GIS trainings

Essential Map Information
  • Geographical Information systems, geodesic definitions related to the base maps, coordinate systems, map projections and summarised information on datum.
General Information on QGIS
  • Download of latest version of QGIS form web and setup stages, configurations during setup.
QGIS Setup Operations
  • Download of latest version of QGIS form web and setup stages, configurations during setup.
QGIS Settings Menu
  • Customization of interfaces according to the user profile, definition of usages.
Menu and Button Management
  • Introduction of menu and button structure in QGIS interface, specifications of usage and access to these areas.
Creating New Project in QGIS
  • New project creation, coordinate system definitions according to the usage requirements and definitions of project specifications.
Opening Existing Projects in QGIS and Display of Projects on Map Screen
  • Opening and existing project in QGIS, access to project definitions, display on map screen, introduction of map display tools.
Object Selection Features on QGIS Map
  • Geometric object selection on map, object selection by entity property and properties.
Geographical Map Measuring Tools
  • Area, distance and angle measuring tools on the map.
Layer Management
  • Operations of adding metadata layer, vector data layer, raster data layer, geographical database layer (PostGIS, MSSQL…), web service data layers on the project, display of layer on map screen, display of definitions and properties related to the layer and their query, interaction of layer entity properties and map screen, export of layers in different formats.
Basemap Management
  • Addition of base maps such as Google Maps, Bing Maps, Open Street Map to the project and their usage.
Layer Processing
  • Geographical editing operations on the layers added to the project, format conversions, editing of entity properties, editing of layer column structure (Table Manager), editing of layer style, export of defined layer information in SLD format, saving the changes.
Coordinate System and Datum Conversion Operations
  • Conversion operations of vector layers between different coordinate systems
Raster Image Processing and Registry Operations
  • Creation of maps with different characteristics from raster images, registry of raster image, coordinate conversion operations of the raster data.
Topology Controls
  • Control of topological errors on QGIS layers and their correction.
QGIS Plugin Management
  • Download and setup of plugins developed for specific usage needs by QGIS users.
Database Management
  • Database connection with QGIS interface, display and export of data, data transfer operations to PostGIS database in .shp format.
Geographical Operations
  • Geographical operations on QGIS layers such as Buffer, ConvexHull, Clip, Union etc.
Geographical Analysis
  • Statistics production from geographical data and geostatistical analysis operations.
Geometry Tools
  • Data obtention in different derivatives from the geographical data such as triangle model and processing of advanced geometrical features
QGIS ToolBox Tools
  • Introduction of geographical tools in the QHIS toolbox menu that come with the QGIS setup such as GDAL/OGR, GRASS, SAGA and their usages.
Free Personal Web Map Creation with QGIS Cloud
  • Web publication operations of maps that are prepared on a local computer using QGIS Cloud Tool