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Software Development Services

By analyzing the needs correctly, we carry our operational works to the digital world and ensure that the systems and applications they need and the most up-to-date technologies are used. We develop the software in accordance with international standards, with open source code. We implement all of the industrial software development processes at the CMMI3 level. We carry out all software processes from the business analysis to the installation and operation support phase, not from the developer but from the developer’s perspective.

Project Management, Analysis and Design

We coordinate projects based on international project management standards, including scope, time, cost, quality, human resources, communication, risk and supply management. Within the framework of PMI principles, we operate all the processes necessary to carry out the quality-time-budget axes of the project management in accordance with the initially determined project certificate. Within the scope of product / service projects that our customers plan to develop; We carry out analysis and design activities of the system, quality, functional, integration, interface, reporting and authorization requirements and record them with documents in compliance with the standards and ensure that they are visible, traceable and sustainable.

Satellite and Orthophoto Image Processing Services

“Image format conversions”, “pansharpening”, “compression”, “compression”, “orthorectification / rectification”, “mosaicization” operations of different satellite and aerial photographs obtained from various types of sensors are performed by our remote sensing specialists in accordance with customer requirements. The biggest raster data bases in our country have been processed by our company for many years to cover all country borders and are published to all public institutions.

Service Bureau and Geographical Archive Setup Services

As OdakGIS, we carry out digital archive creation processes with the software infrastructure we have developed. We perform document scanning, physical archive editing, indexing of archive data and service to related automations. We create easily accessible digital archives. We set up archive management automations to prevent physical archives from growing again after digitalization.

Quantum GIS Trainings

The basic principles of Geographical Information Technologies and spatial data management are given training using open source QGIS software. Participants, besides theoretical training about GIS, applied; geographic positioning, database design, spatial and location-dependent attribute data production, applications related to the projection system, data transformations, attribute and spatial queries, vector and raster-based GIS analysis, graphical, report, map printout and 3-dimensional presentations of applied results etc. have information on issues. Our aim in Qgis trainings is to prevent the young generation and public institutions from being dependent on licensed software.

GeoServer Training

GeoServer trainings, which is Java based open source software that enables users to access and work with geographical data from different environments, are provided by our expert staff. GeoServer installation and configuration, interfaces, raster and vector data publishing, preparation of style libraries (SLD), OGC standards, working with OpenLayers, GeoWebCache etc. topics are discussed in detail. As a result of the training, the participants have the ability to publish their own maps and access their data from the software they want.