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TVK- Land Consolidation Project Management Software


  • It is the project management portal providing the management of land consolidation activities carried out by the General Directorate of Agricultural Reform, from a single center.
  • All processes of land consolidation and irrigation drainage projects, from contract to final acceptance, are carried out in full detail over TVK.
  • With TVK, the land consolidation digital data standards for Turkey were created and made this data to be shared with relevant institutions.
  • It is one of the pioneers of e-transformation projects in Turkey with its structure that includes Project Management Processes.
  • It has been used by the Ministry of Agriculture since 2013 and all the processes in daily life are carried out through the system.


Land Consolidation Department, Irrigation Management Department of General Directorate of Agricultural Reform, provincial and district agriculture directorates, project and construction companies, subcontractor firms and Turkish Engineering Consultancy and Contractor Inc. (TÜMAŞ). 

It is open to citizen use via e-government. The information related to the parceling and distribution, along with the project development stages is served to citizens.

Key Features

  • It includes all project management processes.
  • The system not only manages the geographical data but also all the systematic of correspondences, progress payments.
  • All the geographical and text data produced during the land consolidation can be uploaded online on the system by the contractor firms. It reads data of all related software used in the desktop industry without any problem.
  • All the data uploaded to the system are controlled by the institution and consultancy firm over the system.
  • On the one hand, while the data related to the projects still under construction are uploaded to the system, on the other hand, land consolidation data of the projects completed in the past were edited and uploaded to the system.
  • Progress payment, reporting and correspondence data are integrated with each other and form an effective decision support system base and service with GIS data.
  • TVK is used by construction, agriculture and map firms related to land consolidation and is also operated as the basic database by the relevant departments of the General Directorate of Agricultural Reform.
  • Field work can be carried out with IPhone and Ipad devices using IOS operating system, by using the TVK mobile applications.
  • It eliminates calculation errors in progress management, business progress, price difference, etc. in all management processes from the beginning of the contract until the final acceptance.
  • Performance reporting, instant realization follow-up, up-to-date statistical information and all kinds of correspondence related to the project can be made easily and on a single screen.
  • With data services opened to external institutions and contractors, all land consolidation activities that have been done are combined in a single database.