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TÜKAS-GIS (Agricultural Production Record System)


It is a GIS based software to register agricultural production of Turkey.

It is a system in which all agricultural lands, agricultural parcels of our country are operated, farmer supports are given based on the geographical data in the system and vegetative production activities can be monitored on the basis of parcels.

Web based geographical data editing functions are open for the use of provincial and district directorates. It eliminates the need to use desktop CAD and GIS software.

In 2013, it is started to be used by the Ministry of Agriculture.


The system has been used directly by Ministry of Agriculture provincial and district directorates, ÇKS (Farmer Registry System) and GIS users and the Department of Integrated Administration and Control Systems.

Key Features

  • The statistics of herbal products produced every year in Turkey can be taken together with the GIS content.
  • Production information by parcel such as wheat, cotton or fruit can be accessed. 
  • Satellite images corresponding to the production period covering the whole country were uploaded to the system. The system publishes these images and supports are provided by controlling them via these images.
  • Agricultural parcel editing operations are carried out by web based editing. It involves editing capabilities of extracting the non-operating areas of a parcel (building, pool, road, rocks and trees) and drawing new objects, changing and merging/separation of objects.
  • Management of geographical data (vector, orthophoto, satellite images)
  • Online usage of TKGM data (General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre)
  • Agricultural parcel management
  • Historical data storage and management
  • Uploading survey data to the system
  • Support controls by satellite information
  • Identification of problematic agricultural lands and publishing of the data
  • Decision support reporting in different levels
  • Data sharing with organizations such as Directorate General of Tea Enterprises (ÇAYKUR), Dicle Electric Distribution Company (DEDAŞ) and Agricultural Insurance Pool (TARSİM).