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TEH Portal Soil Survey and Mapping Portal


It is a web-based application where processes for determining the soil class and properties of the land are carried out with the soil survey projects carried out within the scope of land consolidation projects. Process control and management of land use planning is done. It is the soil database of our country.


Law No. 5403 on Soil Conservation and Land Use and Agricultural Reform Law No. 3083 on Land Arrangement in Irrigation Areas.


  • General Directorate of Agricultural Reform- Agricultural Land Assessment Department.
  • The data created by the contractors responsible for carrying out the project are also uploaded to the system by the relevant contractors.
  • Provincial special administrations, municipalities, İller Bank, State Hydraulic Works (DSİ) General Directorate of Highways, companies and natural persons.
  • Open to citizens via e-government services.

Key Features

  • It manages all stages of soil survey work processes from the signing of the contract to the final acceptance stage.
  • The control and management of the system, which includes all country-wide data, belongs to the Agricultural Land Assessment Department. (TAD)
  • The results of the projects carried out are available to everyone in need through TEH Portal and e-Government.
  • Land use capability, land class, slope, depth, height, soil map, soil survey results of the land can be displayed.
  • Parcel analysis can be done by intersection by taking soil properties from soil data.
  • Soil analysis and land survey data are collected together in a single database with the evaluations and an updated soil database is created.
  • Agricultural parcels can be queried as province, district, village/neighborhood and block/ parcel and soil data analysis of the parcel that is queried can be done.
  • All statistical information of all processes can be kept.
  • Soil properties of the lands are offered to citizens as a service via TEH Portal via E-Government portal.
  • Parcels can be queried based on provincial, district, neighborhood/village, block/parcel number and query purpose. The query results are shown on the map together with the area of ​​the parcel, land class, land use capability, height, slope, soil depth information and the geometry of the parcel.
  • In order to prevent unnecessary investments, investors are informed about the soil properties and class of the land.
  • It classifies all agricultural lands on a map and provides up-to-date data base for management of non-agricultural use cases in terms of investment decisions.
  • Provides instant access to the information related to the land soil characteristics required by the General Directorate.
  • Distribution of authorized and unauthorized parcels on the map can be monitored.


Within the scope of the Land Protection and Land Use Law No. 5403 and the Agricultural Reform Law Regarding Land Arrangement in Irrigation Areas numbered 3083, soil classes and land classes should be determined and land use planning should be made more accurately and use of fertile soils other than agriculture should be prevented.

In order to protect the agricultural lands of our country, software has been developed to carry out soil survey processes carried out by the General Directorate of Agricultural Reform, Department of Agricultural Land Assessment, in order to create and keep the soil map up-to-date. The software has been developed to manage the changes made in the Land Reform and Land Use Law No. 5403 and Agricultural Reform on Land Arrangement in Irrigation Areas numbered 3083.  In order for the software to work properly in accordance with the Agricultural Information System, all necessary integration studies and system maintenance and training activities were carried out.

In addition to the management of soil survey projects from a single center and the establishment of the soil database, soil survey processes are performed and monitored via software.

It is possible to follow soil survey projects in scope of Soil Conservation and Land Use Law No. 5403 and Land arrangement in Irrigation Areas Law No. 3083 and keep up to date soil maps of Turkey in digital environment.