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TCDD Geographical Archive Automation


It is the geographic archive system of Turkish State Railways (TCDD). It collects digital or hard copy geographical data in a system and makes them questionable and easily accessible.


  • Employees of Railway Construction, Railway Modernization, Railway Maintenance, Real Estate, Survey and Project Departments of Turkish State Railways (TCDD).
  • Administrative staff authorized to make decisions in TCDD.

Key Features

  • Railway lines are displayed on the map.
  • The stations on the railway lines can be displayed, and which stations are located on which kilometers on which lines can be queried.
  • Location and general characteristics of structures such as trusses, bridges, viaducts on railways are displayed on the map.
  • The projects carried out by different departments on railway lines and the stage of these projects are queried.
  • It enables the personnel of the institution to find their documents and geographical data from the file name, subject, project name and date.
  • Personnel in different departments may share the same project documents with each other depending on the authority.
  • The differences between the planned route plan during the construction of a line and the route after the line construction can be seen.
  • During the construction of the railway lines, it can be seen which steps passed during the expropriation and in which part of the line the problem was encountered.
  • Detailed drawings and photographs of an artwork on the map can be uploaded then displayed via the system.
  • General or project-based statistics can be displayed.
  • Time flow schedules of projects can be displayed.

Key Objectives

  • Establishment of the organization’s geographical archive.
  • Transferring hard copy archive data to the digital environment and make it easily accessible.
  • Opening the geographic data of the organization via web services.
  • Storing and securing geographic data on a central server.