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TADLab Portal


TADLab is the Laboratory Information System Portal that has been gotten into use by the Department of Soil Conservation and Land Evaluation on 10/01/2020 and the laboratories inspected by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry continue their systematic processes.


The system, developed in accordance with the “Communiqué on the Payment of Support for Crop Production” (Communiqué No: 2020/31) and its related provisions, is for Soil Analysis Laboratories to manage coordinated sample entries, systematic continuity of analyzes and reporting.

Tracking and analysis inquiries of all process steps performed on the verbal screen can also be performed on the map screen. Sample, sample owner, analysis units and Farmer Registry System (FRS) status can be followed. Thematic maps can be produced according to the analysis results. Raster map can be displayed as a basemap in all scales.


  • Soil Analysis Laboratories authorized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
  • Laboratories within the Research Institute / Station Directorates
  • Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry Central, Provincial / District Directorate laboratories
  • Laboratories within the Metropolitan Municipalities
  • Laboratories within educational institutions
  • Laboratories under Provincial Special Administrations
  • Laboratories under the Commodity Exchanges
  • Laboratories within Chambers of Agriculture
  • Personnel affiliated to the Central / Provincial / District Organization of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry


  • Management Panel
  • Laboratory Status Tracking
  • Sample Tracking
  • Analysis Input
  • Advanced Web GIS
  • Parcel Information
  • Sample Coordinate Entry
  • Coordinated Analysis Information
  • Valuation Tracking
  • Analysis Reporting Operations
  • Support Payment Tracking
  • Laboratory Audit Tracking
  • Audit Reports
  • Central Civil Registration System (MERNİS) Integration
  • Tax Offices Automation Project (VEDOP) Integration
  • Turkish Land Registry and Cadastre Information System (TAKBİS) Integration


 Key Features 

  • It prevents information confusion and data loss by combining each stage of the analysis into a single database.
  • It ensures the formation of technical and administrative memory by recording all the movements made during the analysis phase.
  • It eliminates time loss by providing instant access to analysis data.
  • Provides online access to Turkish Land Registry and Cadastre Information System (TAKBİS), Spatial Real Estate System (MEGSİS), Tax Offices Automation Project (VEDOP) and Central Civil Registration System (MERNİS) data.
  • All data produced for analysis can be loaded in their original formats.
  • All data related to analysis can be accessed on the map or query screens.
  • Within the user’s authority, control findings regarding the history of the analysis can be easily accessed through the system.
  • In the map modules, files containing data of gpx numerical analysis points can be added to the map.
  • Sample records can be created within automatic controls for each of the added gpx point data.


  • Soil Analysis Report
  • Irrigation Water Analysis Report
  • Plant Analysis Report
  • Accredited Soil Analysis Report
  • Accredited Irrigation Water Analysis Report
  • Accredited Plant Analysis Report
  • Distribution Of Analysis Based Laboratory Support Payments By Years
  • Laboratory Inspection Report
  • Proficiency Tests Reports

What Provides Managers 

  • Management Panel provides general and detailed reports with simple and useful screens.
  • Provides the information of the provinces analyzed according to laboratory-based on years.
  • The user can generate detailed information about samples from Android / IOS / Windows mobile based smartphones / tablets.
  • The user can take samples on the map with mobile devices in the analysis area, add pictures and integrate them into the sample information by adding notes.


  • The system has been designed in accordance with all soil analysis laboratories under the control of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.
  • Provides easy access to all sample entry and analysis processes of the relevant laboratories
  • With the database established, the memory of Turkey’s soil analysis and related information is formed.
  • Citizens can easily access the results of the analysis they have made with their e-government information.
  • Since processes and services are implemented by all employees at the same standard, it is possible for processes to be transparent and managed in an accountable structure.
  • All information and documents related to analysis data in every corner of Turkey are monitored and evaluated with this map and archive based management system..