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TAD Portal (Non-agriculture Authorization and Soil Survey Portal​​)


It is a web-based software for the protection of agricultural lands and plains, where all non-agricultural permitting processes are monitored and managed. Non-agricultural permitting, land survey, soil conservation processes are managed through TAD Portal. TAD Portal is the soil memory of Turkey.


It carries out the processes of Soil Conservation and Land Use Law No. 5403 and Agricultural Reform Law on Land Regulation in Irrigation Areas No. 3083.


  • General Directorate of Agricultural Reform, Department of Agricultural Land Evaluation and provincial and district branch directorates.
  • The software serves Special Provincial Administrations, Municipalities, Bank of Provinces, State Hydraulic Works, General Directorate of Highways, companies and natural persons.
  • Opened to citizen use via e-government services

Key Features

  • Manages all phases of non-agricultural permitting, land survey, soil conversation committees’ business processes from application to final permit or rejection phase.
  • It is used by the Agricultural Land Evaluation Department and Provincial and District Branch Directorates all over Turkey.
  • It responds to all non-agricultural reasons such as energy, industry, settlement construction, tourism, mining, livestock facilities, religious facilities, highway projects, industrial investment zones etc. All requests from other ministries, special provincial administrations, municipalities and private sector are met through TAD Portal.
  • The plains of Turkey can be queried and displayed on geographical basis.
  • Information such as land use capability, land class, slope, depth, height, soil map, land survey results can be displayed.
  • The plain and parcel analysis can be made by getting the status information of the parcel from the Large Soil Group data and by taking the soil properties from the soil data and by making intersections.
  • Permission requests in the plains can be managed on the map.
  • Along with the evaluations, soil analysis and land survey data are collected in a single database, and an updated soil database is created.
  • It provides a database containing all the necessary information of Turkey, for Land Use Planning.
  • The statistical information of all the operations can be stored.
  • Information regarding the Land Evaluation studies carried out by the General Directorate of Agricultural Reform on the e-government portal and the parcel inquiry for exclusion from agriculture are offered to the citizens as a service via the TAD Portal.
  • Non-agricultural use status can be made according to province, district, neighborhood, village, block/parcel no. And parcel geometry along with area of the parcel, land category, land use capability, elevation, inclination, soil depth information can be displayed on the map.
  • Investors are informed to prevent unnecessary investments.
  • Classification of all agricultural lands on a map and management of non-agricultural use cases are provided.
  • Instant access to information about the authorization required by the General Directorate is provided.
  • The distribution of authorized and non-authorized parcels can be viewed on a map.
  • It provides all the data and the base maps needed in processes of opinion issue, evaluation, objection and bureau/field work to the employees of General Directorate and Provincial Directorates from a single center.


With the purposes of ensuring the food security of our country and prevention of non-authorized uses of agricultural lands for other purposes, non-agricultural use permissions should be obtained in compliance with the Law on Soil Protection and Land Use no. 5403, both while identifying the village settlements and in process of agricultural construction permits.

The purpose is to encompass all the activities of integration, system maintenance and training for; the development of software for automated functioning of all the processes carried out by General Directorate of Agriculture, Department of Agricultural Land Evaluation, the development of software system for the management of changes in the Law on Soil Protection and Land Use no. 5403, Development of software fully suitable to the agricultural information system.

It provides the management of non-agricultural use request from a single center and the creation of non-agricultural use database along with automated execution and monitoring of soil survey operations.

The control and monitoring of authorizations for the non-agriculture use of arable lands can be made in compliance with the Law on Soil Protection and Land Use no. 5403 and Land Reform Law on the Land Arrangement in Irrigation Areas no.3083.