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Real Estate Portal

Software provides planning of renting, allocation and actual use of immovable and facilities owned by Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock.  It is aimed to establish a real estate portal where managers can monitor the investment potential of land and facilities, where relevant inventory details can be listed, updated and data can be shared with relevant units within the Ministry.

All the Ministry units-including provincial organization- are within the user scope of the system. The system covers the entire geography of Turkey. It is designed to manage all lands that are allocated, rented and in the property of Ministry while being used by institutes for purposes of agricultural production. The system works integrated with the Land Registry and Cadastre Information System (TAKBIS) and the electronic data that entered into TAKBIS scope through various acquisitions can be automatically displayed and matched with the existing inventory registries.

The software is used by the staff of Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, Department of Construction and Real Estate.

The system works integrated with the Land Registry and Cadastre Information System (TAKBİS) and Spatial Real Estate System (MEGSİS).

Technical Features
  • The immovable properties of the Ministry such as buildings and lands can be transferred into the program and displayed on the map.
  • The information of the immovable properties such as building construction status, number of floors, allocation etc. are entered into the system.
  • The photos, rent information, contract information, allocation status, allocation dates etc. are recorded into the software.
  • The queries required for all the reporting related to the immovable properties are automatically done through the software.
  • Correspondences, reports and condensed statements can be automatically retrieved from the system.
  • Immovable information can be queried and reported.
  • Photos, allocation, rent information of the immovable can be followed.
  • The block/parcel controls of immovable properties are matched with real cadastre data.