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Poppy and Alkaloid Portal


It is the process management software of permit-required poppy and alkaloid production. The system provides the follow-up of poppy cultivation areas in Turkey applied seasonally by producers on a geographic based structure.

With GIS support, it manages all stages starting from cultivation applications to registry, control and termination of production.

In 2015, it has started to be used by TMO (Turkish Grain Board).


  • It is used by all relevant provincial units together with the TMO Poppy and Alkaloid Department.
  • It has integration with TMO Stock Management Software.

Key Features

  • The permit applications which are given by Turkish Grain Board, Department of Poppy and Alkaloid can be evaluated and tracked with the system.
  • From the map, current parcel queries can be made and field measurement coordinates and values can be entered online in the system.
  • Cultivation permit status reports, top management reports, statistical/ graphical decision support reports can be prepared.
  • It is possible to monitor potential poppy cultivation, to list and update the inventory data.
  • The application enables the entry of province, district, neighborhood/village, city block/parcel and seed information of cultivation application area, application authorizations, display of the measurement control data from the field on the map and receiving poppy planting reports.
  • Turkish Grain Board Center and Rural Organization uses the system, the output of the system is also used by Gendarmerie. The system is integrated to the systems such as TÜKAS (Agriculture Production Record System), MERNİS (Central Civil Registration System), TAKBİS (Land Registry and Cadastre Information System) and MEGSİS (Spatial Real Estate System).
  • Poppy applicant (real person) information is verified via MERNİS.
  • By integrating the system to TAKBİS and MEGSİS, block and parcel area and locations of the planted areas are displayed on the map.
  • Application information is entered electronically and can be queried and reported if necessary.
  • Block/parcel checks of the area applied for cultivation are done by matching with real cadastral records.
  • Poppy cultivation field control data can be transferred into the system automatically.
  • Data can be collected in the control operations.