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Nitrate Information System (NIBIS)


It is the data collection, monitoring, mapping, evaluation and reporting application prepared for Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock to be used in pollution monitoring arising from agricultural activities in waters.

According to the European Parliament Report 91/676 / EEC, water needs to be protected against nitrate pollution from agricultural activities. The project not only ensures the protection of public health on a national basis by keeping drinking water clean, but also takes our country one step further within the framework of European Union harmonization laws.

The project is currently in the process of being developed by our company.


Covers all requirements under the Regulation on the Protection of Water Against Nitrate Pollution from Agricultural Sourced Nitrate Pollution published in the Official Gazette dated 23.07.2016 and numbered 29779.


Used by General Directorate of Agricultural Reform, Department of Agricultural Environment and Natural Resources Protection and provincial directorates.

General Directorate of Agricultural Reform Department of Agricultural Land Assessment also benefits from this system.

Key Features

  • With this study, which will be carried out for the first time in our country within the scope of NIBIS, pollution rates of waters and pollution sources will be determined through analysis and precautions will be taken.
  • Environmental pollution measurements are monitored with up-to-date data on the geographical information system and this information is shared among institutions.
  • With the web-based GIS application, Nitrate Reports can be taken to include maps and locations.
  • It is provided to establish the necessary data pool for the determination of the locations that can be prevented.
  • By monitoring the increases and decreases in pollution data, forecasts are made before reaching the limit values.
  • It is ensured that the data stored in environments such as Excel and Word are executed with a sustainable integrated system.
  • Agricultural Land Assessment employees in provincial and district directorates measure nitrates in the field, monitor the measurements using the software, upload the measurement data, thus a database and institutional memory for all nitrate measurements is created.
  • Algorithms are created to produce thematic maps using measurement stations data.
  • With thematic maps, parcel-based nitrate pollution can be calculated by using GIS tools and presented to citizens through the e-government portal.
  • Nitrate pollution changes can be monitored periodically on a timeline with a base map.
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