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İLCAS ( Iller Bank Geographical Archive System)

It is a project created to manage all digital geographic data produced and to be produced by Iller Bank from a single center and to meet the internal and external institutional data needs. All digital and non-digital geographic data inventory is combined and integrated under a single system. ISO TC211, INSPIRE and OGC standards are fully implemented in all software and data studies. All software tools developed within ILCAS are owned by Iller Bank and are developed in an open source structure.

ILCAS is designed not only for use within the bank but also as a software system for the common use of all related municipalities, public organizations and private sector serving to the bank.

Main Objectives

  • Bringing the geographical data produced/used by the administration in compatible with national and international standards.
  • Storage of geographical data inventory on the central server.
  • Share data with internal and external users through web based applications
  • The online use of the geographical data services published by other institutions
  • Online service to the entire Turkey with data sharing services.


  • Compliance with the E-government technical structure
  • Arranged according to the interoperability principles of Prime Ministry
  • Supporting the international ISO and OGC standards.
  • Institution specific, tailored to needs and open to development structure.
  • National Geographic Information System (TUCBS) compatible software architecture
  • Software ownership, use, publishing and selling rights belong to Iller Bank
  • Common symbology and legend database for all data
  • Direct access to data in field work, through mobile applications


  • All distributed digital data has been consolidated and web based data share portal has been put into use to keep the data up-to-date.
  • The old archive is scanned and metadata entries have been made.
  • In-house digital data control and approval standards have been carried to the software environment.
  • All the correspondences including progress payments and reports are done through the system.
  • Technical memory of Iller Bank is recorded.
  • The data of past investments can be queried and can be accessed quickly.
  • The safety, security and sustainability of the data are ensured by getting rid of the physical archives.
  • A traceable and sustainable technical system is built.
  • All plan base map and digital data is combined in one legend.