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Outsourced Project Management Software (DKPO)


It is the software organized according to the methodologies of the organizations such as UN, EU, JICA etc. provides monitoring and valuation processes of projects supported by external sources, all physical and monetary realizations are carried out through the system, and all project processes from planning to closing are carried out from a central system.


  • Management Panel
  • Definitions
  • Data Upload
  • Project Operations
  • Project Information
  • Purpose and Logical Framework
  • Beneficiary Application Entry
  • Beneficiary Evaluation Procedures
  • Project Master Design Report
  • Annual Work Plan / Budget
  • Physical Realization
  • Progress Payments
  • Invoice Information
  • Decision Support and Project Management Reports


  • With the user friendly screen designs, the desired information can be accessed in general or detailed way and reports can be created.
  • All information about beneficiary and beneficiary evaluation can be accessed through the portal.
  • The user can access information about which intervention serves which purpose.
  • Users can follow physical progress and payments.
  • Users can view statistical information about the projects.
  • Users can get all kind of reports about the projects.

Key Features

  • Monitoring and evaluation of each phase of the project is done through a single database.
  • All reports of the project are accessed through the portal.
  • All actions carried out during the project phases are recorded and technical and administrative memory is created.
  • By providing instant access to project data, time losses are eliminated.
  • All documents related to the project can be uploaded to the relevant layers.
  • Online access to TAKBİS (Land Registry and Cadastre Information System), Spatial Real Estate System (MEGSİS), Tax Offices Automation Project (VEDOP) and Central Bank data is provided. 


  • Annual Work/Budget Plan Reports
  • Physical Progress Reports
  • Progress Payments Reports
  • Education Reports
  • Demonstration Reports
  • Twinning Reports