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Expropriation Return Portal


It is the system used for the monitoring of return operations of the General Directorate of Agricultural Reform, for the lands expropriated in Şanlıurfa City, between the years 1973-1976.

It has been in use since 2014.


Department of Land Banking, Senior Management of Ministry and Şanlıurfa Provincial Directorate.

Key Features

  • The system prepares all the application information of the parcels to be returned, refunded remainder receiver information, expropriated land information, refund option operations and all the necessary correspondences and reports.
  • It carries out management of return processes of previously expropriated lands, easy identification of restorable lands, online information retrieval for the lands subject to selection and display on map.
  • Application files can be created from the system, applications can be associated with expropriation files, return status of the application can be displayed.
  • Expropriated parcels, previously returned parcels, parcels that are not used and remain on the public land, payments (down payments and instalments) made to owner within the scope of expropriation can be listed.
  • After the expropriation file check, information can be marked whether there is any other situation preventing the return or not.
  • In case of a preventive situation to return, the reason is entered into the system by the user, the evaluation of the return status and the return operations are provided through the system.
  • If the applicant or owner has previously filed a lawsuit to the Administration within the scope of expropriation, the document indicating that she has waived this case can be uploaded to the system.
  • Land Preference Form can be created by the application. It can be recorded which parcel was given in return for the returned parcel.
  • The digitization and entry of information were made by scanning various folders in the Şanlıurfa Provincial Directorate, such as expropriation, restoration and payment files etc.
  • The system works in integration with Land Registry and Cadastre Information System (TAKBIS) and Spatial Real Estate System (MEGSİS).
  • The correspondences and reporting can be automatically retrieved from the system.
  • The block/parcel controls of the land to be returned are matched with real cadastral records and returned through current records.