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Pecuniary Damages Portal


It is the software through which the business processes, payments and data management related to Pecuniary Damages and Loss of Income arising from the Consolidation Projects of the General Directorate of Agricultural Reform.

The system enables the tracking of damage and revenue loss calculations in whole Turkey in a geography based structure.  A systematic has been developed for Provincial Directorates to carry out processes related to pecuniary damages.

It has started to be used in 2014.


Along with Department of Land Consolidation, it is used by Agricultural Province and District Directorates in whole Turkey.

Citizens can follow the application file regarding the damaged parcel via e-government.

Key Features

  • The costs stated in the “physical input usage and costs” chart used in the calculation of the pecuniary damages and loss of income costs for the field crops and trees can be introduced to the system by district and year.
  • Provincial directorates can establish a commission to carry out pecuniary damages operations related to consolidation projects through the system.
  • Damage/income loss value can be calculated automatically according to the defined parameters. Reports such as deed of consent, cleanliness report, damage/income loss report, written contract, peace agreement can be automatically retrieved from the system.
  • A letter of consent related to the establishment of the Detection Committee and a notification letter to the members of the commission can be created via system.
  • Within the scope of the consolidation project, it is possible to introduce the external institution projects that cause damage payment and to associate them with the relevant immovable.
  • In the calculations, damage price calculation method specified in the instruction of Pecuniary Damages and Loss of Income in Land Consolidation Projects is used. In the remaining part of the immovable, income loss cost calculation is made according to the product planted / sewn or if the product is not planted.
  • ‘Construction cost per unit’ and ‘Construction unit prices’ generated for damage measurement for permanent facilities used by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization are taken as a basis.
  • If there is more than one calculation method for a product, the user can choose what calculation method will be appropriate for the situation.
  • The information of the immovable property and the owner subjected to damage/ revenue loss is retrieved online throughout TAKBIS (Turkish Land Registry and Cadastre Information System).
  • The institutions (State Hydraulic Works (DSI), General Directorate of Highways (KGM), Petroleum Pipeline Corporation (BOTAŞ) etc.) that carry out expropriation projects can be defined to the system. The damage revenue loss measurements can be tracked from the application related to the projects carried out by these institutions.
  • The system works integrated with TVK (Land Consolidation Project Management Portal), MERNİS (Central Civil Registration System), TAKBİS (Land Registry and Cadastre Information System) and MEGSİS (Spatial Real Estate System).
  • Correspondences and reports can be retrieved automatically from the system.
  • By integrating the system to TVK, TAKBIS and MEGSİS, damage revenue loss area’s block/parcel areas and locations can be displayed on the map.
  • It is designed as a serviceable structure when necessary to determine the value of the cultivated lands to other state institutions engaged in expropriation.
  • The system is integrated with TVK land consolidation software.