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Çoruh River Basin Rehabilitation

The purpose of the Coruh River Basin Rehabilitation Project is to provide integrated basin rehabilitation, including vegetation, soil and water resources, to improve the living conditions of people living in villages and to eliminate socio-economic differences of the region compared to other regions. It is a GIS based monitoring and evaluation system based on the indicators identified for soil erosion, vegetation and socio-economic status, for the monitoring of results of applications of soil protection, rehabilitation of damaged forests, prevention of natural disasters and improvement of financial resources of people in the rural area.

Monitoring System provides;
  • Concretization of project objectives
  • Building an active bridge between objectives, activities and resources.
  • Determination of targets by transforming aims to performance indicators
  • Collection of indicator information and comparison with real results
  • Showing the progress of activities to the project managers in the planning phase in order to provide direction to the manager about new planning and risk/problem solutions.
Evaluation System provides;
  • The results of the work can be displayed quantitatively, on the basis of data.
  • The contribution of the activities to the results can be reported numerically.
  • In case of unexpected results, the causes can be reported on the basis of data.
  • The improvements in the related areas, following the activities can be displayed visually.
  • The results constitute the inputs for the approaches of future projects.