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TVK BIS - Preservation of Natural Heritage Information System

TVK is the land consolidation memory of our country. It is a project management portal that enables land consolidation activities to be managed from a single center. All processes of land consolidation and irrigation drainage projects, from contract to final acceptance, are carried out in full detail over TVK.

TADPortal - Agricultural Land Assessment Information Portal

TADPortal is the soil memory of Turkey. It is a web-based software for the protection of agricultural lands and plains, where all non-agricultural permitting processes are monitored and managed. Non-agricultural permitting, land survey, soil conservation processes are managed through TADPortal.

TADLab Portal

Soil and water plant analysis processes are carried out over the TadLab system in Turkey in order to direct the areas used in agricultural production to production more accurately. Evaluation and fertilization advice processes are managed through all stages. All analysis laboratories belonging to private sector, public sector and universities are users of TadLab. It works in integration with GPS-supported devices used in field drilling, and prepares analysis related support payments.

Turkish State Railways – Expropriation Automation

Engineers can manage all expropriation processes of Turkish State Railways according to the Expropriation Law. It manages all of the expropriation processes from the perspective of the institution carrying out expropriation. The whole process from taking the expropriation decision, paying the prices and following the court notifications is carried out with GIS support.

TedPORTAL - Agricultural Land Valuation Automation

It is the system in which lease of treasury land, lease of other lands, lease, split, partnership, purchase and sale applications are received through TedPORTAL and the suspension lists are published in agricultural lands and the matching lists are announced by the provincial / district directorates of Agriculture and forestry.

TVK - Land Consolidation Project Management Automation

It is the land consolidation memory of our country. It is a project management portal that enables land consolidation activities to be managed from a single center. All processes of land consolidation and irrigation drainage projects from contract to final acceptance are carried out in full detail through TVK.

TAY Portal – Agricultural Land Management Portal

TAYPortal is the software for management of all sales and inheritance permissions of agricultural land in Turkey. Prevents the fragmentation of our country’s agricultural lands caused by sales and inheritance. Operations of transfer of agricultural lands, inheritance, evaluation, adequate income land size and economic integrity and determination of qualifications belonging to the competent inheritor are carried out through TAYPortal.

NIBIS - Nitrate Information System

Fighting nitrate pollution for cancer prevention is carried out with NIBIS software in Turkey. In accordance with the 91/676 / EEC Nitrate Directive of the European Parliament, it is an application used in data collection, monitoring, mapping, evaluation and reporting processes for the purpose of monitoring pollution in waters caused by agricultural activities.

Turkish State Railways - Geographical Archieve Automation

One place to access, manage and analyze geographic data of Turkish State Railways (TCDD). It was created to consolidate geographical data such as railway lines, on-line art structures (culverts, bridges, crossings, tunnels) in a single database. All railway construction, modernization, maintenance, survey project data carried out by TCDD are included in the system. The data management of the ongoing projects is carried out by the system on a process basis.

TÜKAS CBS (Agricultural Production Record System)

It is a GIS based software to register agricultural production of Turkey. TÜKAS GIS is the geographical database of the Farmer Registration System. It is a system in which all agricultural lands, agricultural parcels of our country are operated, farmer supports are given based on the geographical data in the system, and vegetative production activities can be monitored on the basis of parcels.

İLCAS – İller Bank Geographic Archieve System

İLCAS is our memory of urbanism.  It is an archive software created to manage all geographic data from a single center, produced from 1933 up to now and data to be produced and to meet the needs of internal and external geographic data.

TEH Portal (Soil Survey and Mapping Portal)

GIS software for the soil survey and mapping in Turkey. With the soil survey projects carried out within the scope of land consolidation projects, the soil class and properties of the land are determined, so that operations for process control and management of land use planning are carried out with TEHPortal. It ensures that the soil database is kept up to date with the operations performed.

Poppy and Alkaloid Portal

GIS Portal for the prevention of revenue loss from agricultural land consolidation in Turkey. It is the software through which the business processes, payments and data management related to Pecuniary Damages and Loss of Income arising from the Consolidation Projects of the General Directorate of Agricultural Reform. The system provides tracking of all pecuniary damages geographically.

DKPO (Outsourced Project Management Software)

Software for the management of outsourced projects. It is organized according to the methodologies of the organizations such as UN, EU, JICA etc. Provides monitoring and valuation processes of projects supported by external sources, all physical and monetary realizations are carried out through the system, and all project processes from planning to closing are carried out from a central system.

TKGM- LİHKAB Office Automation

Licensed map is office automation where cadastral offices work and operations are carried out. It ensures that all lihkab offices operate in a single system and order, as well as providing instant information and decision support to the TKGM management.

Real Estate Portal

It is the GIS-based portal allows planning of rental, allocation and actual usage operations of immovable of institutions. The system covers the entire geography of Turkey. It is designed to be integrated with TAKBİS (Land Registry and Cadastre Information System) and MEGSİS (Spatial Real Estate System) in a way to manage all the lands allocated, leased, owned by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock and used for agricultural production by the institutes.

Expropriation Return Portal

GIS Portal manages the return processes of lands that are obligatory expropriated. It is a project of returning the expropriation processes carried out in Şanlıurfa province in 1970s through land return. The entire return process is carried out in a web-based structure depending on the workflows. Up to date reports, applications and decisions are managed through the system.

Çoruh River Basin Rehabilitation

It is a system of monitoring and evaluation of basin rehabilitation results. It is a GIS based monitoring and evaluation system based on the indicators determined in soil erosion, vegetation, water resources and socio-economic status in the Coruh River Basin.