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Takbis Connector™

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It is the connection software for viewing, querying and reporting of land registry and cadastre data via web services published by TAKBİS (Land Registry Information System) and MEGSİS (Spatial Real Estate System) systems.

It supports all authorisation-security-privacy-logging-encoding rules in TKGM (General Directory of Land Registry and Cadastre) data share protocols.

Who uses?

Municipalities, Public Organizations, Banks, Factoring Companies, Leasing Companies, Foundations, Real-Estate Companies, Natural and Legal Entities which have online data share contract with TKGM.


  • Provides access to official property data, in official ways.

  • Investment decisions can be taken based on trustworthy official data.

  • It provides intelligence on real-estate that is collateralized in exchange for stocks.

  • For municipalities, it provides the essential base for the collection of estate and environment taxes and city management automation.

  • Human resource expenditures are reduced.

  • Enables fast and high quality service, increases customer satisfaction and trust.

Key Features

  • Takbis Connector consists of three main modules; Map Module, TAKBİS Query Module and MEGSİS, VEDOP Query Module.

  • Real estate queries can be made with city, district and parcel number information.

  • As a result of the query, the information of immovable, shares, annotation, easement right, mortgages, innovation, details, attachments, superior rights, permanent individual rights can be accessed.

  • Share acquisition changes (buying and selling movements, the owner before handover) can be listed.

  • It is possible to download MDB file.

  • Property reports can be instantly taken and cadastre data can be exported.

  • Queries on natural entities can be made with Turkish national identity number and/or name.

  • Queries on legal entities can be made by entering the title of the legal entity or by choosing the legal entity.

  • Real estate details of the person and the parcel information including the coordinate list are accessed on the map.

  • The cadastral metadata and land registry data of the parcel can be listed by obtaining information from all cadastral data added.

  • Using reference data, files containing ncz, shp, dwg, dxf, dgn, tab, gml etc. digital maps, plans and project data can be added to the map. Thus, the topological relation between any geographical data and the cadastre parcels can be displayed for a route or a work area.

  • Address search can be made on the map.

  • Parcel data within a user-selected region can be downloaded to the local computer as a .shp file.

  • Independent section ınquiry; the immovable inquiry can be made on the block-floor-independent section number (apartment number).

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