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Project Management Portal

“Law No. 4735 on Public Contracts Process / Project Management Software”

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  • Improve efficiency and transparency throughout the entire project lifecycle while minimizing delays and preventing business interruptions with OdakGIS’s project management software. Increase your success by integrating all activities of project. You can get an idea of ​​the cost, duration, scope and quality performance of each project. It is possible to manage project and financial resources at every stage from the beginning to the end of the project.

  • With project link software from SAP, you can get a holistic view over multiple project systems (or an entire project portfolio). It syncs all project data to create a single, accurate and reliable resource. The project management portal automates processes to identify requirements, cost and timing variances, and ways to prevent unnecessary jobs. The project management portal also helps you make informed decisions when planning projects.

  • In engineering projects and in the procurement of goods, services, consultancy; It provides management of all payments, correspondence, minutes, realizations, work completion / experience documents, numerical data, contractors, subcontractors, key personnel, consulting firm controls, approximate costs, and all of the work programs with web-based technology and mobile features.


Portal executes all operations in conformance with Public Procurement Legislation number 4734 and Public Finance Management and Control Law number 5018.


  • Provides all the data necessary for the decision making to match the physical realization and monetary actualization and presents them as reports on easy-to-use screens.

  • It provides allowance management and reports how much should be spent for each project or each item of a project and payment balances on a monthly basis.

  • It provides all the systematic and data needed to keep the three of the quality axis, budget axis and time axes in balance and to go to project closure in a healthy way.

  • It supports the execution of projects by the managers, technical/administrative personnel and contractors, in conformance with the legislation by establishing a central automation and project memory.

  • The users can access the detailed and statistical information related to the project by Android/IOS/Windows mobile based smartphones and tablets.

  • The progress of the works related to the project according to the schedule, the expenditure states according to the budget and statistical information such as data analysis can be graphically displayed.

Who uses?

  • It is used by all public and large scale private organizations dealing with product procurements, construction, consultancy, and service purchase.

  • The Project Management Portal (PYP) system, is developed for management and monitoring of all processes in various construction and engineering projects executed by organizations.

Key Features

  • It combines all activities of the project in a central database.

  • The works performed and physical realizations are clearly monitored.

  • It enables the formation of technical and administrative memory by recording the project with it’s entire mobility.

  • Inspection, monitoring and evaluation can be easily and transparently done on a single screen.

  • There is no more need to search for documents in an archive.

  • Documents and information that are basis to all payments along with all details including geographical map data can be stored in the systems and accessed at any moment when needed.

  • All details such as unit price proposal charts, completed works, revised prices, work increase are singularised to prevent errors.

  • Access to data services can be given to any external organization and contractor. The data can be read from any preferred software.

  • It provides online access to TAKBIS, MEGSİS, VEDOP and UAVT data.

  • All data produced within the project can be loaded in their natural format.

  • All stages of the progress payment operations can be executed, from entry to approval.

  • The controls of data/report/progress payment operations carried out by the counselor firm can be done through the system.

  • All data related to the project can be accessed through the map and query screens.

  • The flow of the controls can be kept on the system. The activities carried out within the Control – Approval process flow can be displayed step by step on the basis of date and time.

  • Audit findings related to the history of the project can be easily accessed through the system.

  • Internal and external correspondence can be created in a single order and integrated into Electronic Document Management System.