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MOBILE SCHOOL is a portal mobile application developed to communicate with parents in an innovative, safe and fast manner. It can be adapted to every school portal. It is a smart phone application and has been developed for informing parents and students.

It allows parents to quickly receive information about the student’s situation, progress and activities at school. Through MOBILE SCHOOL, teachers can quickly deliver the content for the parents and students. MOBİLE SCHOOL software has no license costs.

Who uses?

Parents, School Management, Teachers

User Name and Password allow users to use the software only within the scope of the authorization assigned to them.

Key Features

  • Announcements: It is the section where school news and announcements are displayed.

School announcements can be displayed depending on time and announcement / news details can be accessed. (For example; Announcement of Exam Subjects, Announcement of Measures for Protection Against Infection and Viruses, Announcement of Teacher Exam Task, Announcement of Monthly Food Menu, Announcement of Foreign Languages ​​Intermediate Holiday Paper, Social Activity Information Forms etc.)

  • Exam Results: It is the section where the exam results are accessed.

Exam results can be queried and displayed according to class, course and student information. Correct and incorrect question numbers of students in the exams according to the subjects, student’s school rankings and score information etc. can be accessed.

  • Assıgnments: This is the section where all the given assignments are followed.

Parents and students can monitor and check the homework assignments given by the teachers on a daily basis. Homework assignment date, check date can be displayed. Parent informing letters are also available.

  • Study Tıme: It is the section where detailed information about the studies is published.

The topics to be covered in the study, study dates and times can be displayed. Teacher information that will give the study can be accessed. All parent requests for studies can be viewed.

  • Follow-Up Notes: This is the section where parents are informed about the students.

For example, if the student forgets to bring the USB memory for the Information Technologies Course follow-up notes are sent to the parents.

  • Course Schedule: It is the section where the information about the course schedule and the changes in the schedule are displayed. Course schedule details can be accessed in detail on the basis of classes.

  • Infırmary: It is the section where parents can receive time-based information about their children’s infirmary visits when they are sick, and parents can monitor their children’s health and drug use.

  • Absenteeism: This is the section where information about students’ absences is reported. Information about which student, between which dates and for what reasons is absent can be displayed.

  • Academic Calendar: It is the schedule that shows all the activities (application, registration, trip, meeting, activity, reading festival etc.) that the school will carry out during the academic year.


  • Strengthens communication with parents.

  • Provides quick and instant communication with school management and teachers.

  • Offers parents the opportunity to get to know the school and teachers more closely.

  • It is very easy for both teachers and parents to exchange information about the child’s situation, progress and activities at school.

  • With mobile technology, the student’s information is easily transmitted and recorded.

  • It saves teachers time. Written messages, events, announcements, information can be transmitted to all parents with one touch.

  • It serves as a bridge in communication disconnections between school and parents.