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Expropriation Management Portal


It is a management platform designed according to the Expropriation Law No. 2942 and prepared for the follow-up of the projects based on the provincial, district, neighborhood / village information of the expropriation projects. Phase, parcel, owner, inheritor, valuation and valuation appraisal, litigation, payment tracking, reporting, official correspondence, notification tracking and project financial status, agreement status, land registration etc. progress is followed-up.


  • Management Panel

  • Project Follow-up

  • Commission Follow-up

  • Data Loading

  • Sophisticated GIS Web GIS

  • Parcel Information

  • Parcel Comparison

  • Ownership Information

  • Valuation Follow-up

  • Agreement Operations

  • Payment Follow-up

  • Litigation

  • Correspondences

  • Reports

  • MERNIS Integration

  • VEDOP Integration

  • TAKBİS Integration

  • PTT Integration

  • The follow-up of all processing steps performed on the verbal screen can be made on the map. Expropriation borders can be queried on the basis of owner and parcel. Thematic maps can be produced according to the project, owner, agreement, lawsuit and payment status. It can be followed according to which article of the law the operations are carried out and at which stage on the basis of owner and parcel.

Expropriation information can be queried by selecting the parcels in the map window. In this window, the list of owners, expropriation areas, parcel cost and lawsuit status are displayed as a summary. Raster map can be displayed at any scale as a base.


Includes the Expropriation Law No. 2942, Real Estate and Expropriation Instruction and other relevant legislative provisions.


  • With its simple and user-friendly screens, it offers general or detailed reports.

  • Payment information of the areas expropriated by years is presented on a project basis.

  • User can draw projects on map that has no geometric data and relate the graphic with project information.

  • The user can view details and statistical information about projects from smartphones / tablets based on Android / IOS / Windows Mobile.

  • The user can draw on the map with mobile devices, add pictures and add notes to the project information.

Key Features

  • It combines each step of the project into a single database so it prevents information clutter and loss.

  • All the movements performed at the stages of the projects are recorded. It provides technical and administrative memory.

  • By providing instant access to project data, time losses are eliminated.

  • Provides online access to TAKBİS, MEGSİS, VEDOP and MERNİS data.

  • All data produced within the project can be loaded in their native formats.

  • All data related to the project can be accessed through the map and query screens.

  • Control findings related to the project’s history can be easily accessed through the system.

  • Internal and external correspondence can be created in a single order and integrated into Electronic Document Management System.

  • With the use of reference data in the map module, files can be added to map including digital maps, plans and project data in .ncz, .shp,.dwg, .dxf, .dgn, .tab, .gml formats.

  • Parcel data within a user-selected region can be downloaded to the local computer as ncz, shp, dwg, dxf, dgn, tab, gml etc. file.


  • Expropriation General Status Summary Report

  • Expropriation Information Report by Years

  • Distribution of Project Based Expropriation Payments by Years

  • Expropriation General Status Report

    • Expropriation Project General Status

    • Expropriation Project Registration Status

    • Expropriation Project Payment Status


  • Agreement Record

  • Conflict Minutes

  • Not Respond to the Invitation Minute