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“E-relesse” is the connection software, where online mortgage inquiries and removal requests can be made through web services published by General Directoratr of Land Registry and Cadastre (TKGM).

Article 88 of the Land Registry Regulation, which was published in the Official Gazette dated 17.08.2013 and numbered 28738, was taken as basis. In order to eliminate the problems experienced in the land registry offices and related institutions, it has been developed on a web-based basis for the relesse requests issued by the banks in accordance with Article 13 of the Land Registry Regulation, in electronic form by the banks authorized by TKGM.

The software is designed to be extensible to meet electronic collateralize services that will be provided to the banking and finance sector by TKGM in the future.

Supports authority-security-privacy-logging-encryption rules found in data sharing protocols of TKGM.


  • It enables banks to perform relesse operations online and web-based.

  • Minimizes time spent in Land Registry Directorates.

  • Reduces human resource expenditures.

  • Enables the selection of the correct immovable on the map, thereby prevents wrong immovable relesse operations.

  • Operations related to documents that may be lost in the paper environment are carried out more securely.

Who uses?

Used by banks that carry out relesse operations.

Key Features

  • Fully integrated with TAKBİS Connector.

  • Mortgages on real estate can be querried online.

  • With the Real Person inquiry function, querries can be made with identity and / or name.

  • The person’s real estate details and the parcel information including the coordinate list can be accessed on the map.

  • As a result of query, the immovable share and mortgage information can be accessed.

  • It sends data online to the TSUY application, where relesse operations are carried out by the Land Registry Directorates of General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre.

  • It gets online data from TAKBIS system and instantly lists mortgages on shares to users.

  • The mortgages can be displayed on the map and the user can make application by choosing to relesse.

  • The documents sent regarding the applications are signed using the e-signature infrastructure.

  • Application steps are instantly monitored by the users.

  • The total application time can be calculated.

  • Fee calculation and approval procedures are performed.

  • Payment of the fees are monitored instantly.

  • The cadastral metadata and land registry data of the parcel can be listed by obtaining information from all cadastral data added.

  • Using reference data, files containing ncz, shp, dwg, dxf, dgn, tab, gml etc. digital maps, plans and project data can be added to the map.

  • Address search is made on the map.

  • Parcel data within a user-selected region can be downloaded to the local computer as a .shp file.

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