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It is a connection software developed for the relevant institutions and organizations to make mortgage applications online and establish lien via TAKBİS system. With this system, it is ensured that the operation processes are shortened in the land registry services, the workload of the personnel is reduced, and it is easy to provide efficient and fast service. Article 26 of the Land Registry Law, which came into force after being published in the Official Gazette, was taken as a basis. It has been developed on a web basis for the collateralize requests, which have been organized in writing by banks so far, to be made electronically by banks authorized by TKGM. (General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre)


  • It works fully integrated with TAKBİS which is an e-government software system.

  • Performs collateralize operation under e-government assurance.

  • Provides collateralize security with e-signature.

  • Provides authority level management. Collateralize quantities above or below a certain amount is provided by user-role-based management.

  • It ensures that all documents required for the collateralize are uploaded to the system.

  • It enables banks to perform collateralize operations online and web-based.

  • Collateralize operations history is kept.

  • Immovable-shareholder database is instantly managed.

  • Reduces collateralize operations costs.

  • Reduces human resource expenditures

  • Time spent in land registry offices is reduced and operation time is shortened.

  • Enables the selection of the correct immovable on the map and prevents the collateralize operations on a wrong immovable

  • Provides easy and reliable access by digital archiving of operation documents that may be lost in the printed document environment

  • Unlike the classical method, it is easy to detect and prevent errors and risks with Electronic Collateralize Software.

Who uses?

  • Public institutions and organizations

  • Credit institutions (factoring, asset management, leasing companies etc.)

  • Banks

  • Tradesmen and craftsmen credit cooperatives

  • Agricultural credit cooperatives

Key Features

  • Before starting the collateralize operations by the bank, all necessary immovable and liens are reached by questioning with TAKPAS methods.

  • The application required for collateralize is made through the system.

  • Application reservation is received from the land registry office where the collateralize is to be made through the system.

  • Mandatory fields are specified on the system during operations.

  • Applications for collateralize and sales + mortgage operations are made using TAKPAS and external service methods.

  • Software supports authority-security-privacy-logging-encryption rules found in General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre data sharing protocols.

  • The documents related to the applications are signed using e-signature.

  • The processes of the application can be followed through the system.

  • The initiated process can be canceled (unless it is journalized).

  • MERNİS (Central Civil Regidtration System), VEDOP (Tax Offices Software Project), TAKBİS (Land Registry and Cadastre Information System) integrations can be provided through the system.

  • All documents of completed applications are archived on the system, allowing easy access.