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Cad&GIS Data Converter


  • Can read NCZ, DGN, DWG, DXF, SHP, TAB, GML files without any problem and write GIS data in NCZ format.

  • It is used in data conversion processes in large e-government projects in Turkey. It has a large library as it works with very high amount and variety of complex data.

  • The software can be used as desktop, web product or directly as software library.

  • It is a software used for import and export data on the basis of interoperability principles of CAD based data used in the sectors of cartography, construction and architecture. It provides the import of CAD data to GIS systems, on the basis of layers and objects. Along with the CAD data, the related text data can be saved to the target system.

Who uses?
  • Software Companies (integrator companies, companies providing e-government conversion services, companies producing municipal solutions, companies producing engineering solutions in the desktop sector, etc.)

  • Engineering companies operating in the map, construction and architecture sectors

  • Public institutions producing map-based plans and projects

  • Public institutions and municipalities that try to establish a geographic information system and carry file-based map data to relational databases.

  • After selecting the CAD file in the GIS application, all object numbers together with the layer information are listed for the user and the desired layers can be imported into GIS.

  • After the transfer, the data is saved with the correct coordinate and content in the GIS environment.