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BiyoGIS – Bio-fuel Energy Production Plant Software


Data collection, monitoring, evaluation and reporting software prepared by biofuels companies for use in the measurement of agricultural areas. The software provides both field measurements on tablets and data transmission on the web.

Who uses?

Used by Bio-Energy companies.


  • Automates the users field measurement.

  • Provides reporting of incoming and outgoing product information to the plant.

  • The field work can be monitored and managed from the factory center.

  • Predefined information is used to prevent incorrect data entry in the field.

  • It guarantees to work on the right parcel and area in the field.

Web Portal Component

  • It is possible to add new users and edit the added user information. Added users can be transferred to the tablet.

  • Subcontractor and personnel information working in the field can be defined.

  • The areas drawn in the field can be updated.

  • Field and product reports related to the harrow, bundle and transport areas defined in the field can be obtained.

  • Search can be made on the basis of city block and parcel.

  • By entering the planted product information, production forecast information can be produced for the following years.

  • Land owners can be defined.

  • Fuel efficiency can be calculated by entering product moisture rates.

  • Information about the vehicles and products entered into the factory can be defined.

  • Satellite image can be added as a base in the map window.

  • Harrow, bundle, transport and unauthorized areas can be displayed in separate layers and in different colors on the map.

  • The quantity of income and outcome (burned) products is reported on a regional basis.

  • Reports can be exported in pdf, excel, word formats.

  • Integration can be made with weighbridge and accounting programs available in the factory.

  • Field reports can be provided to include amps and locations.

  • Increases and decreases of reserves are monitored with the input of biofuels and output for fuel purposes.

Field Measurement Tablet Component

  • Production selection is possible.

  • Harrow, bundle and transport stages can be defined.

  • Areas in which the property owner is not allowed to wprk can be defined.

  • Coordinated photos of harrow, bundle and transport areas are taken by the GPS feature of the tablet. The corner coordinates are combined and the planted area is automatically drawn on the map and the area is calculated automatically.

  • Harrow, bundle and transport areas can be drawn manually with tablet.

  • Harrow, bundle and transport areas can be created faster by using the previous drawn areas.

  • Terrain type can be selected as stony, sloped etc.

  • The photos taken with the tablet can also be matched on the defined areas.

  • Agricultural equipment information can be selected.

  • Working company can enter subcontractor name and date& time.