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Immovable Property and Permit Management Software

Manages immovable and license for ‘mining’, ‘construction’ and ‘concrete’ companies. It is possible to follow tracking, management of the field, rent-allocation-production operations about licensed areas.

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e-Tesis – Electronic Collateralize

Banks can establish lien easily. User can query immovables and the owner information, can introduce mortgage related documents to system and can do online application and mortgage related operations.

Electronic Relesse

Banks can make relesse operations with the software. User can query immovable and morgage information and prepare deed of release via software and delivers it to Land Registry and Cadastre Information System online with electronic signature and time stamp.

Takbis Connector

It is a connection software to view, query and report land registry and cadastre data in Turkey. Used by banks, public institutions and factoring-leasing-asset management companies.

Mobile School

Mobile School is a smart phone application that allows parents to get quick information about the student’s situation, development and activities at the school with the opportunity to communicate “not limited with place and school time”.

KMP – Public Property Portal

KMP manages the follow-up of immovables allocated to or owned by public institutions, leasing or sale processes of lands, law no. 5018 condensed statements and usage of immovable properties.

Expropriation Management Portal

Follows processes of Expropriation Law No. 2942 on behalf of the Administration. It includes all details including notifications, from expropriation decisions to litigation processes. Used by the administrations carrying out expropriation projects.

Project Management Portal

Helps to carry out the processes of the Public Contracts Law No. 4735 from start to finish. Automates all processes from signing the contract to final acceptance. Manages all contracts in the type of construction, purchase of goods and services. Helps follow up physical progress and progress payments. Used by Public Institutions, Municipalities, Water and Sewerage Administrations and Construciton Companies with high subconstracting use.

Architectural Project Upload

It is now possible to upload architectural projects to Land Registry and Cadastre Information System. By this way, municipalities have online project archieve and General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre can have architectural project submission list.


BiyoGIS is a powerful software system for bioenergy companies to collect, monitor, evaluate and report their data.

Outsourced Project Management Portal

Manages the follow-up physical progress and progress payments of European Union, World Bank, Jica etc. projects which budget source is out of central budget. In addition to project follow-up, it displays whether the project evaluation and the targeted logical framework are achieved through activities-interventions

Cad&GIS Data Converter

It is used by software and GIS companies. Provides seamless conversion of CAD data to standard GIS formats. Extracts CAD data from closed format and converts into WKB-WKT structures.

Spatial Numbering Management Software

It manages all address-based processes in accordance with INSPIRE standards. Provides municipalities an integrated GIS system with numbering infrastructure. Reads and writes live data from NVI (Population and Citizenship Affairs) and MAKS (Spatial Adress Recording System) systems.

Yedikule Zoning Automation

Manages the zoning plan construction, plan change, license, zoning commission, architectural-mechanical-static project acceptance and approval processes for Municipalities and Special Provincial Administrations