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The purpose of our ISMS policy;

  • To protect the information assets of ODAKGIS against all kinds of threats that may arise from inside or outside, knowingly or unintentionally, to ensure the accessibility of information with business processes, to meet the requirements of legal legislation,
  • To ensure the continuity of three basic elements of the Information Security Management System in all activities carried out:

Confidentiality: Prevention of unauthorized access to important information

Integrity: Showing the accuracy and integrity of the information.

Accessibility: Demonstration of those authorized to access information when necessary

  • To deal with the security of not only data kept in electronic environment but also all data in written, printed, verbal and similar media,
  • To raise awareness by giving Information Security Management trainings to all personnel,
  • To report all existing or suspicious vulnerabilities in information security to the ISMS Team and to ensure that it is investigated by the ISMS Coordinator,
  • To prepare, maintain and test business continuity plans,
  • To determine existing risks by making periodic evaluations on information security and to review and follow up action plans as a result of these evaluations,
  • To prevent all kinds of disputes and conflicts of interest that may arise from contracts,
  • To ensure continuous improvement by meeting the business requirements for information accessibility and information systems.



Our main goals are;

* To provide healthy and safe working environments for our employees to maintain their healthy condition in and around the workplace, to minimize the damage to the environment, to enable our organization to perform correct and efficient software activities,

* To comply with standards, local national and international laws, statutes and regulations in order to ensure and protect the environment and occupational safety,

* To be an organization that prioritizes occupational health, environmental health and community safety with the understanding of a company that is meticulous and takes precautions against dangers, and constantly improves our occupational health and safety management system

* To be an organization whose name is mentioned with quality and trust with its constantly developing software and system quality.



Being aware of the fact that customer satisfaction is only possible by meeting the changing and developing customer expectations in a complete, correct and timely manner, our organization has always adopted the principle of continuous development and change by offering the latest technology.

In this direction, our Quality Policy;

* To be a leading organization with the participation of our employees in the information sector, with technological solutions and service quality,

* To increase the contribution of our team through the continuity of the trainings,

* Working in cooperation and trust with our business partners to increase our efficiency, to continuously improve and to comply with the requirements of our quality management system.