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Our Code of Conduct

OdakGIS Managers and Staff Features

They work with the principle of fairness and impartiality, knows that trustworthiness and honesty are important.

They prioritize loyalty to the State and state institutions, serving corporate technical purposes.

They work to prevent software imports for the development of the country’s software industry.

They know that their decisions will be taken in a way that will contribute to our country and company’s interests.

They are open to communication, collaboration and criticism, adopting innovations and knowing that education and development are supported.

They behave in a kind, polite, moderate and respectful manner towards their managers, colleagues and other interlocutors.

They behave according to the requirements of service, without distinction of language, religion, philosophical belief, political thought, race, age, physical appearance and gender.

They distinguish between right and wrong, right and wrong, good and bad, fair and unfair, and do things that are believed to be right, right, good and fair.

They do not use the power in your hands to their personal interests.

They know that the success of their colleagues is equivalent to their own success.

They do not act to humiliate their colleagues, they do not spread false information about employees.

They hold back their feelings of extreme ambition and jealousy.

They do not cheat and act irresponsibly, do not neglect their work.

They do not discriminate against colleagues, managers and firm customers.

They do not disclose the Company’s trade secrets and leak out.

They know that customer satisfaction is always at the forefront.

They know that employees who do not comply with corporate values ​​will be dismissed from the organization.

FocusGIS supports organ and tissue transplantation.

OdakGIS makes high efforts in reducing environmental pollution and recycling.

OdakGIS Support Staff Features

They know that the customer satisfaction is always at the forefront.

They know that the Firm must act in accordance with corporate values ​​and ethical rules.

They act in a kind, polite, restrained and respectful manner towards Customer’s staff and managers.

They know that you should record all his transactions / services. Demand management uses the demand management tool as required by the company’s quality policy.

They do not accept requests through applications via Social media tools (whatsApp, personal mail, facebook, sms etc.) and return

They only know that they will process incoming support requests via their official / corporate mail address.

They know that they will not use the accounts registered as internal common user in the role of “admin” for the automation that they provide support service.

They know that trustworthiness and honesty are important and that they will not share their password information with third parties.

They know that the data received from the customers will be recorded in minutes, in accordance with the legislation, they give importance to data privacy.

They know that the data belonging to the Customer and the company will not be shared with third parties except by official letter or mail instruction.

They know that operations such as password change, step bypass, step confirmation, data upload will not be done by phone or message.