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About Us

About Us

OdakGIS is founded by an experienced team that has been working on software development and geographical information systems since early 1990’s, having their signature under many well-known automation systems used in science and real life and raised hundreds of human resources in cartography and GIS sectors.

With its business systematics, team spirit and humble standing, OdakGIS has a complete character of engineering and R&D company, prioritising its engineering concerns.

We use our technical infrastructure and our knowledge in all projects we partake, to the benefit of the shared success of all stakeholders.

We improve our experience gained especially from projects with high rate of public benefit, with detailed engineering and vertical technology development.

Under OdakGIS brand, the young and experienced company Gültaş Software Ind. Trade Co. Ltd., stands to fill the gaps in national software and GIS sector, with its top line engineering team equipped with valuable technical knowledge.

OdakGIS deepens its place in sector day by day with the niche projects it has implemented.