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What is Electronic Clearing (E-TAKAS) Software?

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E-Clearing Software is a web-based, mobile compatible automation that allows the real estate and sales price cash to be exchanged simultaneously in order to prevent the negativities faced by the buyer and the seller during the exchange of ownership rights and purchase and sale money used by banks for their clearing and settlement transactions.

What are the advantages?

– It protects you from the risks of theft or loss of money during the transfer of cash.

– Since the sale price will not be transferred to the account of the seller without the title deed, it eliminates the risk of the seller not coming to the land registry office or not performing the transaction in the title deed.

– Since the real estate price will be blocked and transferred to the seller account after the sale, it eliminates the trust problem that may occur against the seller.

– In case of cancellation of the sale process, the money you send to the bank will be refunded to the account you specified during registration.

– Every stage of the process can be followed.

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