What is Open Source Code

Open Source Code

Open source software is easier than proprietary software fort he puposes of tenure, usage, installation and maintenance. It raises developer confidence and developers feel more empowered and influential over the software.

Main features and advantages of open source software:

  • No license costs
  • Being transparent and there is no time limit to use as well as user restrictions
  • High software security
  • Having a flexible structure
  • Its quality can be tested
  • Can be developed internally or taking services from the out sources from all over the world
  • Keeping up-to-date by the support and maintenance from all over the world
  • Supported by a big community
  • It can be transferred to another company or person in case of a problem with the supplier company or person
  • Ownership remains in institution and long term technical memory is saved

Open source softwares retain its value in your organization together with reducing costs.