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Public Property Portal

“Acquisition, rent, transfer and allocation operations within the framework of the regulations of public administrations numbered 26315 / Public Property Automation”

Real Estate Inventory and Archive | Immovable Purchase | 2886/2942/3194/5393 Real Estate Sales by Laws | Grant Transactions | Swap transactions | Law No. 2942, Articles 8 and 26, Art. Expropriation Process | Leasing Procedures According to the Tender Law No 2886 | Transfer / Takeover | Allocation Operations | Central Accounts / General Service Areas / Immovables (Immovable Summary) Listings / Forms / Reports of Immovables with and without Registered Land | Immovable Document Management


It is used by special provincial administrations, municipalities and public organizations. It manages the entire process between Ministry of Finance, General Directory of Land Registry and Cadastre and other stakeholders in all registered or un-registered public lands such as, ownership, allotment, renting, establishing rights of easement etc. It is the management portal application where the handover processes of all specified real-estate are managed, the land use, qualities and allotment records of real-estate can be recorded and organised, all correspondences and reports can be retrieved and the related files can be associated to their photos.



  • Real-Estate Registry and Control Linked to Registry Plan
  • Buying and Selling Operations Monitoring
  • Allotment Operations Monitoring
  • Handover Operations Monitoring
  • Interchange Operations Monitoring
  • Right of Easement Operations Monitoring
  • Rent Operations Monitoring
  • Grant Acceptance Operations Monitoring
  • Monitoring of Lawsuit operations of Real-Estate Property
  • Monitoring of Condensed Statements Complying with Regulations
  • Statistical Information on Real-Estate Properties




  • Online TAKBIS and MEGSIS queries
  • Monitoring and archival of real-estate in compliance with the registry plan
  • Monitoring of the real-estate procured (handover, purchase, interchange, grant acceptance) by the organization
  • Online monitoring of processes of the operations made on organization’s real-estate property
  • Monitoring of contingent and personal rights of easement established for/against the real-estate of the organization
  • Monitoring of continuing or completed lawsuit processes related to organization’s real-estate and file archival.
  • Preparation, monitoring and archival of condensed statements and yearly mandatory forms specified by the regulation, with the click of a button.
  • Storage, display and archival of media related to the real-estate properties of organisation
  • Critical factors of success
  • Entry and exit records of real-estate properties of organization and their automatic registry into related tables
  • Ensuring that the records are kept appropriately, transparently and in compliance with the regulation within scope of authority
  • Monitoring of entailed lands compatible with TAKBIS and MEGSIS systems
  • The numerical, by location recording and archival of organization’s real-estate inventory.
  • Display and query of real-estate of organization on map, all over Turkey
  • Faultless preparation of condensed statements and yearly mandatory forms specified by the regulation


Monitoring of Real-Estate Records


Within the frame of Real-Estate Record and Control Operations, recording of the existing real-estate belonging to Public Administrations along with those acquired and disposed in various ways within the given year, with the aim of monitoring as amount and value, grounded on documents.


Online Real-Estate Registry Monitoring


  • Cadastre
  • Zoning
  • Parcelling
  • Amalgamation
  • Land Use Conversion
  • Acreage Conversion
  • Condominium Establishment
  • Cession to Public


Other Operations


  • Interchange
  • Acquisition or disposal by decree of court
  • Administrative Land Registry
  • Cadastre (Non-solicited)
  • Transfer by Inheritance
  • Asset Disclaim in terms of 95. Article of Law no. 6183 on Collection Procedure of Assets
  • Disclaim in terms of Enforcement and Bankruptcy Code no. 2004
  • Nationalisation in terms of Law no. 3082




  • Form of Estate registered within Title Deed
  • Form of Estate non-registered within Title Deed
  • Form of Public Property
  • Form of Public Utility Zones
  • Form of Restricted Real Rights and Individual Rights Allocation


Condensed Statements


  • Condensed Statement for Estate registered within Title Deed
  • Condensed Statement for Estate non-registered within Title Deed
  • Condensed Statement for Public Property
  • Condensed Statement for Public Utility Zones


TKGM Integration


Portal can connect online to TAKBIS and MEGSIS system that is served by TKGM, as long as the services are active.


Real-Estate queries can be made within data that is published live by TAKBIS.


Natural and legal entities can make queries of real-estate on the basis of city/state/village/block/parcel and display information.


In case these are published by the property and TKGM, the information on addendum claims, right of easement, hypothecate, innovation, appurtenance and all related detail can be displayed through the portal.


Cadastre data published by the MEGSIS system can be queried and displayed on the map screen.


The coordinate list for a MEGSIS parcel can be obtained.


The related title deed information can be displayed for a selected MEGSIS parcel.