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OdakGIS is Turkey's first and leading open source GIS Base Software company. The license provides GIS systems installation and software development services, including cost-free, end-to-end server side MIS integration. MIS and GIS provide solutions for all level reporting needs including management of related business processes, content flows, business rules and decision support. It generates data for raster, vector and document classes required for systems. It develops mobile field applications integrated with main systems. E-Government and E-Transformation projects to increase the speed of the qualifications of institutions and reduce the costs of bureaucracy. Total quality management. It builds automations that are open, extensible, scalable, and do not create dependencies. It has a commercial understanding based on service pricing. It redesigns public institutions and private sector automation structures by establishing integrated modern automation with process and legislation content. Open, scalable and affordable technology. It provides opportunities for new generations to be trained under the supervision of high-caliber engineers. "It can not be a national that is not universal", it reaches universal knowledge and standards and uses this information in automation to suit the needs of country institutions. Defective fights against the use of standards within the borders of the country and the import of software. It gives software freedom. Enterprise technical makes the memory permanent.


Success Stories

Inspiring The Community


It is one of the pioneers of the E-Turkey projects. It carries out all project management processes, from contract to final agreement. It is an automation of management of land consolidation and irrigation projects in Turkey. It has been in use by the Ministry of Agriculture in 2013.

TAD Portal

MIS and GIS provide and integrated management of National land database, land use planning, management of permitting requests for nonagricultural use of agricultural lands, soil survey and soil laboratory contents and the operations of soil protection committees. It has gotten into use in the first quarter of 2015. It has been in use in all central and provincial organizations of the Ministry of Agriculture.

Haşhaş ve Alkoloid Portalı

This automation system includes the MIS-GIS integrated processes and reportings for the entire process management of the permit-required poppy cultivation controlled by TMO(Turkish Grain Board), from application to harvest.


This is the geographical vegetative production database providing data update by web editing, with the largest database in Turkey. It is the GIS base of the agricultural production record system. The system in which more than a hundred geographical layers are managed such as farmer supports, agricultural parcels, product maps, problematic agricultural lands, product regime shifts, is intensively being used by all organizations of the Ministry of Agriculture, including province.


İLCAS is the GIS based archive automation onto which the geographical data dating to 1933 from our urban memory İller Bank is loaded, serving as an archive for new projects while containing project execution processes. It is the urban planning structure of practical GIS and e-state, where current state zoning plan, potable water, waste water map data meet the server side GIS.

TEH Portal

The country manages the soil database, soil scoring, land use planning, soil survey processes of agricultural land and soil laboratories integrate MIS and GIS of analysis data. It ensures that the soil database is kept up to date with the operations performed. Usage was received in the last quarter of 2016. The entire ministry of agriculture is used by the central and provincial organizations.

Kamulaştırma İade

This is the reinstatement project of the expropriated lands in Şanlıurfa city in 1970, by the hand of government. First of its kind in Turkey, all the software and data production work of this project was executed by our company. The entire return process is managed in a web based structure adhering to workflows and all instant updated reportings, applications and decisions are conducted on this system. Project was brought into use in 2014.

Zarar Ziyan

Zarar Ziyan is a GIS based process management automation making the indemnity and revenue loss payments of damages to construction activities, agricultural products, facilities and storages. It was brought into use in 2013. It is executing all payments within the consolidation areas organizations that run field construction activities, such as the Ministry of Agriculture, State Hydraulic Works and General Directorate of Highways.

Nitrat Bilgi Sistemi

Monitoring of nitrate pollution from agricultural activities according to the criteria determined according to the European Parliament Report of 91/676 / EEC C and following the action of nitrate sensitive areas to carry out the action plans and observing the results. Nitrate pollution in water bodies around Turkey is evaluated according to the analysis values ​​obtained from the samples taken to cover the mapping process. It ensures the follow-up of the good agricultural practice codes applied to control nitrate pollution from animal fertilizers.

Kütahya Numarataj

Problem-free numbering work. This is the high quality numbering service where the field data collection and 78.000 number plate placements were made for every single building and street in GIS structure, integrated with NAD-MAKS.

Mekansal Veri Analizi

It is an open source GIS project in which the analysis of land register and cadastral data and other income based data are integrated by map and the analyzes are made by thematic presentation on the map. The Ministry of Finance is working under the leadership of the Ministry of Revenue Administration. With the Spatial Data Analysis project, it is the main goal of the project to remove the real estate value map of our country, increase the income increasing activities and facilitate the transactions of the taxpayers. It is the best example for the high level decision support mechanisms achieved by open source GIS.

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